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Policy for Trade

All my patches I trade is new (unused) if otherwise isn't mentioned.
I work very hard to only trade with original patches,
but it is not always easy then it is so much fake and repro patches out there.
If you find any patches on my page that is a fake or a repro please tell me,
then I only will deal with origninal patches etc.

I will usually trade 1 for 1 new for new though
I also won't reject a used patch provided it is in
good condition and I need it for my collection.
I'll trade "Special Trade" patches with any patch that I don't have.
I will only trade my "Very Special Trade" patches with patches I want.
I'll trade 3 of my used patches (not rag) for 1 new patch that I don't have.
Badges will only be traded with badges og several patches that I don't have.

If you initiate the trade and we have never swapped before,
I would like you to send your patches first. After some months of trading.
I believe that this is the usual procedure (and generally recognized as such).

(C/S) Current Style
(O/S) Old Style

If you want to trade some patches or tell me something, send a E-mail to:

Privacy statement

We assure you that any and all information given to this site by e-mail,
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We will only use your information to review your site and contact you to let you know if you have won our Award.

We will not accept applications submitted by any child under the age of 13,
or web sites created by a child under this age if the child lives in the United States
in which the new Children's Online Privacy Protection Act,
COPPA is realized as the law.


The purpose of "Conny´s Patch Collection Award Program" and "Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award Program"
is to reward Webmaster for the hard work to make the web useful, and a place where anyone can navigate.

A site must be a mix of useful content, original design and good structure.
This is not easy to do, but you don’t have to be a web professional to accomplish this.

"Conny´s Patch Collection Award Program" award only best site and is not simple to achieve.

"Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award Program" award only best collection site.


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