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2006-05-10 2006-05-10

It is our honor to present you with the following award, the "Web Site Excellence Award" for Non Law Enforcement, in recognition for the hard work and determination shown by your website. Hendersonville Police Department Tennessee

 Congratulation for creating an award winning WebSite  I visited your WebSite and found it to be outstanding in appearance and in content. Your effort to improve the wonder of the Internet is clearly reflected on each page. Please continue to move ahead with your talents. Respectfully, George P. Crofton, MSgt, USAF Retired



The Awards Awards A Web Directory for Award Pages Regards from Ulrich Leive

On behalf of the Auxier Volunteer Fire Department, located in Auxier Kentucky U.S.A. You have won our first "NON-FIRE RELATED" " EXCELLENCE  AWARD" I reviewed your site recently and you have done a great job. Once again Congratulations on winning our award. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND GOD BLESS!  Lieutenant Randy Powers Webmaster/Safety Officer Auxier Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

2006-05-15 2006-05-15
CONGRATULATIONS Your web site has been reviewed and deemed worthy of the Boston Police Bomb Squad Award Tom Foley (Retired) Your site has been chosen by the Pottsville, Texas Vol. Fire Department to receive our Award of Excellence { Gold 2006 }
2006-05-15 2006-05-15
I'm here to tell you today that you are now the proud winner of The Beat Post International´s Pure Gold Award! Your site more than qualified to win my award the Pure Gold Award Most sites don't even come close to winning my award But yours was a hands down winner Congratulations! Greetings from Webmaster Bent Bay I love your site very much and I found it so interesting and weldone so you also get my 2006-Gold Congratulations! Greetings from Webmaster Bent Bay
2006-05-16 2006-05-16
I'm glad to say to you that you win our Award Regards from Hans Stetefeldt on the 1st Group of Fire Station Berlin-Lichtenberg of the Berlin FD, Germany I Have enjoyed your page Keep up the awesome work. I´m happy to say I´m awarding your page with the: 3 STAR AWARD Best regards John Webmaster of Sun Down Kids Family & Military Troop Support Home Page
2006-05-16 2006-05-18
Here is our 2006 Award for your Site Mark Pandanell Webmaster We are pleased to send you our new. Different Worlds Excellence Award We found your site to be excellent in design and content We also loved your choice of music It's a colourful and very resourceful site Keep the Internet a safer place With our very best wishes to you Lyn and Tony
2006-05-18 2006-05-19
I want to give my award to Conny´s Patches for a beatyful and interesting website. Conny is a wonderful person and with this i want to thanks him for all help, being my mentor and a wonderful friend for life! Best Regards Fredrik Cronqvist This is one of the best sites dedicated to patch collecting I have seen in a long time. Very well put together and designed. This one is going on my favorites list Great site, I really enjoyed looking over all the patches Respectfully Dan Rembish
 2006-05-19 2006-05-24
 I award your website the bronze award. The site is put together nice, pages and images load fast, design and layout looks good. Keep up the good work and make the internet a better place. Robin Evans GID Web-Master Disputes Officer David Dibble GID Award Team Judge Congratulations! After reviewing your site, we are pleased to present you with the Market-Tek Design Award! Best wishes John Skorczewski CEO Market-Tek Enterprises Inc.
2006-05-24 2006-05-26
RealFreeSite won "Golden Nugget Award" on 24th Maj, 2006 I have decided to give you my award. You really have a great site! I enjoyed viewing it Jason Pearton Golden Nugget Award Congratulations Conny I just had a chance to look at your site I sure liked it! Your site scored excellent in every category I rate sites under. You have a very good site and I am very honored to give you my award. The 5 Hearts Award is only given to sites that show: *Beauty *Elegance *Grace *Overall Design Quality *Great Ability of Designer *Non-Offensive *No porn or illegal activities *No Warez or hackering stuff So Congratulation!! I am very happy to give you my award, you sure earned it! With Kindness Lisa Smotly
2006-05-25 2006-05-26
Greetings Conny We have finished the judging process for your site and we're very impressed. Your site is certainly news worthy and therefore you win our award! So let me be the first to congratulate you on winning our award! Congratulations Award Staff Congratulations !! Your Website Has Been Selected To Win a David's Award Program Award You Have a Wonderful Website and I have Enjoyed my Visit ! Keep up the good work and make the net a better place ;-) David Webmaster/Owner David's Place Themes/David's Awards Program
2006-05-27 2006-05-28
Congratulations We have sent someone from our award staff to your web site and they have determined that your site is Domain-Me Award For Artistic Ability material Believe me, not many win our award. For you to have done so shows great talent. We would like to congratulate you for all the hard work you have obviously put into your web site. It takes someone with a certain level of skill to design a site such as yours, and you are to be given great credit. Once again, let me thank you on behalf of all of us in the award staff on a job well done. Kindest Regards, Award Division I'm honored to tell you that after reviewing your site, I have decided to bestow my award upon your site You site has everything I look for in a web site. It really was one of the Best of the Web. So how does it feel to be named Best of the Web? You earned it All the Best Jasom Mathews
2006-05-29 2006-05-29
I just got done reviewing your site. You have a very good one. I would like to give you our award. It would be my pleasure if you would accept it and display it on your site. Your site really exceeded our high standards. I was impressed Gregory Hines  Congratulations on a very impressive web-site. It is a pleasure to add another Swedish based site to the WINNERS LIST! Take care and be safe Ron
2006-05-30 2006-05-31
Only the very elite sites will win my sought after award. Style, elegance, taste...these are the things that make a site truly elite. These are the things that I look for when giving out my award. To be Elite means to be better than the best. Are you elite? The answer is....Yes! Keep up the great work! Kevin Barber Congrats there! Staff
2006-05-31 2006-06-01
Congratulations! Your website is excellent. Regards CJ Webmaster & Photographer, Police Car Pics
2006-06-01 2006-06-02
 Congratulations. Your site was definitely better than most of the drivel that applies for my award. You really have talent. I wish more of the sites that apply for my award were as good as yours. The award name is the "Top Site Award" and I am very selective regarding who I give it to. But as I said, you have an above average web site and I am pleased to give you my award. Congratulations, Terry Congratulations
2006-06-02 2006-06-03
Congratulations. NYC COPS PAGE Congratulations 
2006-06-04 2006-06-04
Congratulations. Your web site has just been awarded Cyber Sarge's Web Site Presentation Award. CONGRATULATIONS I recently viewed your site and the work and dedication you put into it is amazing. It is well kept, easy to navigate and continues a theme. You are hereby awarded the Excellent Site Award. Keep up the good work. Lt. Randy Powers
2006-06-04 2006-06-05
Conny, you have been given the dubious honor of winning the Funky Turtle Award For Coolness....... Congratulations Congratulations You are a proud WINNER of our "SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD" The Majon Web Select Team
2006-06-05 2006-06-06
My award for your great site Alessandro Mella Italian Volunteer Fireman and Collector  My name is Tina Fields and I am writing to you today to let you know that you have won the Yellow Tiger Award. Congratulations!!!!!
2006-06-06 2006-06-06
Very Good Site. Kevin Brown We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and informative content. Considering the nature of your site, it is with great pleasure that we give you the Resource Site Award. Regards Ted Miller Canada
2006-06-06 2006-06-07
It's my great pleasure to inform you that your site is cool enough to win my award. Cool job! Stay Cool  Yule Jacots  Systems Manager  Congratulations!  We have reviewed your website that you submitted.  We are honored to present the Code 3 Award to this site!  Your site represents the outstanding law enforcement site standards that we've set for our award! Keep up the great work. Congratulations again on your Code 3 Customs Award.
2006-06-07 2006-06-07
I visited your site and I think it is a very interesting and professional site. I will send you Grizzly's Award. Keep up the good work. Specially greetings from Switzerland. Rudolf Leuenberger Gruppenchef / Wachtchef-Stv. Kantonspolizei Bern. Hear Ye Hear Ye, you have hereby won the Juggling Balls Award.  You've rated 5 out of 5 juggling balls! CONGRATULATIONS! Kind Regards Steve Bores  
2006-06-08 2006-06-08
Best Regards Award Team, 1 Page Design You run an outstanding web site, one which you can be very proud of.  I applaud you. Respectfully Mr. Gerald Alfalk Proprietor, Best Of America Award For Greatness
2006-06-08 2006-06-09
Hey, I'm the owner of the Polka - DOT award and after judging your site  I have determined that your site has the right stuff! You our now the proud winner of the Polka - DOT award.  Congratulations! You are receiving our web award. On HIS Shift, Chaplain Skip Straus, NREMT-P Founder/Executive Director Emergency Ministries
2006-06-10 2006-06-10
We applaud your site's ease of navigation, obvious hard work, and unique content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the Webmaster Award. Regards Ted Miller Congratulations!  You have won the Red Hot Site Award. You have a very Hot Site!  We spent a lot of time judging your site, but it was pretty obvious from the minute we first saw your site that you would win.  A great site you've got there. Keep on building great sites, Jim Stevens and Cathy Brokwen
2006-06-10 2006-06-11
First let me say thank you for allowing be the privilege to evaluate your site for this award, it's not easy to win and many do not but...drum roll...Congratulations!  You site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Stamp of Excellence Award.  You site is extremely well done, very easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web.  I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting your site.  Once again, Congratulations! I really enjoyed my visit and I also loved the clean layout and versatility in your design!  Thanks for sharing some interesting information on your Patches collection and so much more with all of us through your website.  Well done! Sincerely Todd WM8C's Ham Links. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Your web site has won the Lake Parsippany Volunteer Fire Company, "2006 Hot Web Site Award". You have a wonderful site and a great collection of patches. Extremely interesting and informative. I'm sure many of our members will visit your site in the near future.  Congratulations again and keep up the great job with the site and collecting. Best Regards Chauncey Bott
2006-06-12 2006-06-13
"My Site Made Darrin Say Wow" I enjoyed your site very much. Darrin L. Hello Conny, I want congratulate you with your splendid Internet site. I did not have look at long (what I had long looked at already complete). I have examined your Internet site with open mouth, really a top Internet site. You deserve certainly Award and not zomaar Award you deserve the source Award. Congratulated once again. I will examine still frequently your Internet site. Kind regards, Daniël Moerman.
2006-06-13 2006-06-13
 I give out the Rainy-Day Award. I really liked your web site. It was great! Lisa Toale  Private Detective Web Award ©.  Sincerely Michael  Director TACTICS Private Detectives ©
2006-06-13 2006-06-15
1)  Technical: Very good use of technology including, scripting, flash, HTML etc.  2)  Content: Site content is informative and entertaining to the visitor. The content is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Content is presented in a logical format.  3)  Navigation: The site navigation is intuitive. The navigation is on every page, so as to eliminate use of the browser Back button. It is not possible for the user to become confused in navigating the site.  4)  Graphic: The site graphics are pleasing to the eye. The graphics are sufficiently optimized to allow for fast loading of the pages. The graphics do not overwhelm the site, at the expense of the site content. They enhance and complement the site's content.  5)  Overall Appeal: This site adds value to the Internet. This is a site visitors would want to visit again. The webmaster should be pleased with the work that has gone into putting this site together. In our opinion should be awarded the Crystal Ribbon Gold Award.  Well done.  Somehow, for some reason, your site has caught the attention of the Stupid Caveman! Congratulations, Jeff Stupid Caveman Award. 
2006-06-15 2006-06-15
After carefully reviewing your site, we would like to honor you with HindSight Fishing Charters' World Class Website Award for surpassing our criteria of excellence in concept, design, layout, rich content and easy navigation. Congratulations on producing a site of excellence. Best Wishes Steve Mapua Senior Web Architect  Website Judge for HindSight Fishing Charters' World Class Website Awards Program. Congratulations and all that stuff. Rude_Eddy  
2006-06-15 2006-06-16
Congratulations!  On behalf of the Hermsdorf Volunteer Fire Department, located in Hermsdorf, Saxony – Anhalt Germany , you have von our Award ! “ Hot Website Award “ and you have done a great job , we enjoed touring the varios pages. Yours sincerely from Germany Marcel Hartmann Volunteer Chief / Webmaster Hermsdorf Volunteer Fire Department You have an absolutely outstanding website! I would be happy to award you with the Inner Community Website Award! Boham Inner Community Administrator.
2006-06-16 2006-06-17
Congratulations!  Your site has been selected as a 5 Star Award Winner! Sarah Kenzie Each day we scour the Internet looking for the best sites of that day. It takes something special for us to bestow the Best Site Of The Day Award. Today, we selected your site as our winner. Congratulations!
2006-06-17 2006-06-17
*****Congratulations!*****  "The PCman Website Web Merit Award 2006" Congratulations on Your Award  We are pleased to say you have been presented with our Bronze Award!
2006-06-17 2006-06-18
I just came from checking your site and enjoyed my visit very much. I am sending you my award as it is well deserved and shows a lot of hard work. Larry I give my award out to sites that look good, load fast, serve a real purpose, don't yank me around with screwy site navigation, and that don't contain anything illegal etc. You site met all the criteria for my award! You're site is now a Hot Site Award winner. Garrett Morins
2006-06-18 2006-06-19
I have reviewed your site and you have done an excellent job on it! Good luck on your collection. Piano Lady Nancy Well, you've won my award for the web site. That is, I showed your site to my dog Nakor, and he didn't growl, which is unusual - so you win. You see, that's how I pick winners.  The name of the award is: "The Angry Puppy Award" So you can be proud to have been selected by Nakor. He really does have pretty good taste usually! Nakor Loves Ya!   
2006-06-20 2006-06-22
 And since I like your site so much I want to give you my award !   Hey hey,  did you know that you have a Rockin Site? And to prove it, I'm giving you my coveted sought after Rockin' Site Award! I was impressed with your sites: - Layout - Design  - Use of Colors  - Use of Graphics All in all, You have a really groovin site and I'm honored to give you my award. Richard Soolan
2006-06-23 2006-07-06
Congratulations! We visited and find your web page, your sides succeeded. We would like to lend the INTERGUIDE AWARD to you 2006 in bronze! We hope to work you have much joy and further industriously on your sides. Thank you! Yours sincerely...Web master  Congratulations you win the NATAYADA™ web award
2006-07-07  2006-07-07
Hello Conny, Congratulations on a really great website!  Very interesting collection and display. I am more than pleased to offer you the Antique Collector Award. My very best regards and your continued online success, Philip Chave Antique Collector You have won the Cunningham Award of Excellence. Very interesting website!  I think my favotorite is the Lufttransport Air Ambulance patch.  Very graphic and eye catching.  Your site is also very easy to navigate which is always a plus. Please accept our award, and keep up the good work, you have an excellent website!  Lynn Cunningham 
2006-07-17 2006-08-04
 I am honored to present you with my 2006 Silver award. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reviewing your site. Bob Stockdale  
2006-08-14 2006-08-16
Best wishes & stay save, David  Hello Conny, Afther revision of your website by the complete FPICA-crew we are proud to send you our GOLDEN FPICA-Award, congratulations!  Your site is an example to all collectors.  Kind Regards,  Xavier FPICA-Crew
2006-08-27 2006-08-27
"Accomplished Gold Award"   Given to those homepages or websites that were truely a "Labour of Love" created withforethought and the intention of imparting worthwhile thoughts and/or of sharing meaningful life experiences with others. The website crafters merit recognition for their caring consideration and earnest efforts to communicate, to connect, and to inter-relate. "Caring Spirit Award"   Given to both homepages and websites whose primary focus and reason for being reflects a strong desire to assist others in some way whether it be to educate, to inform, to connect, to protect, to restore, or to support people, animals, or the environment. Their caring intent truely blesses us all since all streams flow from the same source.


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