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Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award

Awards Criteria

The following criteria apply:
(1) The Site Owner must be 13 years or over (COPPA)
No personal information will be revealed about the applicant on this site or be given to any third party.

(2) The Site must display a copyright notice and privacy statement if
the site collects information on third parties.
(3) The Site must be child and family friendly
(4) The Site must have 5 pages of a similar theme
(5) The Site must be easy to navigate, and have no more than three broken Links
which will be checked by A Links checker.
(We will advise you of any broken links that we find.)
(6) The Site must be user friendly.
(7) Any Music used on the Site must be able to be switched off.

(8) The Site must have an award page.
Note: Having an Awards Page is a Qualification requirement.
Displaying awards in their original size and linked back to the Awarding Site.
Any Awards given by
"Conny´s Patch Collection" or "Swedish Patch Collectors Association"
must be linked back to


(10) There is no obligation to sign our Guest Book to apply for one of our Awards.

If you have all that, and would like to try for our AWARD
 Just filled out our form, you will be redirected back to this page.
You will receive an e-mail very shortly, verifying your application.


The purpose of "Conny´s Patch Collection Award Program" and "Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award Program"
is to reward Webmaster for the hard work to make the web useful, and a place where anyone can navigate.

A site must be a mix of useful content, original design and good structure.
This is not easy to do, but you don’t have to be a web professional to accomplish this.

"Conny´s Patch Collection Award Program" award only best site and is not simple to achieve.

"Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award Program"
award only best collection site.

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your full name:
Your email address:
Site to be reviewed for award:
Title or Name of the site:
Please indicate below if this site is yours or one you are nominating.
Also include a brief description of site.
Also include your country.
And tell me if your
application is for:
"Golden Award" or
"Swedish Patch Collectors Association Award" *
*(Only for Patch Collecting pages)

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